Strata goes digital

A range of software solutions are now available to make strata management and dealing with tenants and suppliers far more efficient.

The saying now goes that “Software is eating the world”. This quote, attributed to Netscape co-founder Marc Andreeson describes the new reality where almost everything is going online.

Our financial transactions, schedules and social interactions are now accessible via screens. Cloud-based technology means all we need is a user name and a password, and we can access accounts from any connected device at any time.

Because it is marketed to the masses, software is far more affordable than it used to be. For most businesses, paying a small monthly subscription fee means they can be more efficient and more productive. This can lead to reduced overall business costs and higher profits.

The real estate and strata industries are not immune to the ‘chomp’ of software. New products on the market are making life easier and more simple for professionals within the industry.

Take a look at a few helpful options for strata managers:  


Stratabox is an easy to use solution for your strata communication and administration needs.

Entirely cloud-based, this platform can be accessed anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet or mobile device. It claims status as the first open, industry-wide solution of its kind in the world.

With Stratabox, the many stakeholders and important players of strata management and strata living are brought together in a virtual space. The software allows strata owners, residents and committee members to collaborate and run all aspects of their scheme efficiently and transparently.

The benefits flow to strata managers and contractors alike as it is ideal for data management, task management and document storage. No more searching through your computer for notes from the 2017 annual meeting… StrataBox solves this problem.

As a strata manager, you can send and receive information to and from relevant audiences, customising their involvement. An additional feature lets you log and track jobs so you know which requests still need attention.

Accessing this Australian-owned business’s software solution is free to begin with. After a one month trial, you can choose a limited free version or pay just $1 per habitable lot per month.

The basic functionality includes:

  • Online noticeboard

  • Email to resident, owners and committee

  • By-laws

  • Basic strata roll

  • Building profile

  • Emergency contacts



This software lets strata and facilities managers reduce administrative time and perform maintenance work faster than ever.

Using the platform, you can easily connect and coordinate everyone involved in all aspects of building maintenance. Manage assets, work orders and contractors from your office and via your smartphone if you need to.

As the website shares, Uptick lets you manage reactive maintenance easily and quickly so you can go from job raised to work order issued in no time at all. With Uptick, you can collate all information about a job and send it on to contractors (including property preferred) “faster than you can compose an email.”

For ongoing jobs, strata managers can automate recurring requests and schedule routine maintenance. It is also easy to collect quotes to send to insurers or other parties for approval. Uptick also includes timesheet uploading, customer portal and project tendering.


PropertyIQ Strata

This finance-focused app claims to streamline the way you work with real-time decision making, more insights, bank and data integration. PropertyIQ Strata provides access to industry data as well as software to “create tangible business outcomes and performance boosting solutions.”

Portable and device agnostic, this platform allows for statutory financial reporting and management analysis. It generates, stores and emails correspondence, including automated levy notices. There is also an integrated activity log to track, charge and report your time.

PropertyIQ Strata features the following:

  • Inbuilt diary

  • Smart payment processing

  • Budgeting and accrual accounting

  • Workflow management

  • Intuitive receipting

  • Inbuilt document management



This online tool allows you to quickly compose new meetings from templates and issue documents over email. To make the decision process easier, lot owners can click through and vote online if they wish or attend a meeting in person.

The platform’s Meeting Manager module makes running the meeting a breeze and automatically compiles the minutes.


Do some investigating and you will find a range of other software which are suitable for your business. These include rostering apps, document scanners, e-signature software, password storage and sharing, and more. Most offer a free trial so you can get an idea of how they will benefit you and provide a return on investment. If you’re not sure which one is best, talk to your industry peers to find out what they use and how it benefits them.

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