Outsource locally and save time

Welcome to the digital age! Everything is changing, especially the way we work.

Where once selling property involved a great deal of paper and lengthy phone conversations, it is now possible to have a house sold using digital apps and text messaging.

Because communication has become easier and faster, it is now possible to delegate tasks to external providers which once were taken care of in-house.

Outsourcing saves time and money. It means you are saved the cost of expenses including office space and superannuation. Instead of paying salaries, you can pay hourly rates and only use someone for the hours you really need them.

The following are some areas where outsourcing can make a big difference to your bottom line:

Marketing and Social Media

Marketing best-practices evolve quickly, with new online platforms coming in and out of fashion faster than you can learn their names.

An external marketing provider is able to keep up with these trends on your behalf. They can design a marketing and social media strategy which fits in with your brand and suits your target customers.

As an agency, you have the option to go to a real estate specific marketing firm or find an independent provider who may be more cost effective.

Virtual Assistants

A personal assistant is a god-send, but do you need one for 40 hours a week? And do you even have to have them sitting in your office?

VAs can work on an as-needed basis or for a set number of hours a week. They can manage your calendar, make phone calls on your behalf and forward you hot leads.

You can find overseas VRs for as little as a few dollars an hour. But beware! This can be false economy, especially if the VR you find isn’t on the mark when it comes to communicating in English.  

Human Resources

Hiring, onboarding, managing and (heaven forbid) firing people is a lot of work. There are many regulations to follow, not to mention the experience needed to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Boutique HR agencies can tailor packages to suit your agency and take the stress of recruitment and staff management off your hands. Keep an eye out for a business specialising in real estate and encourage your HR team to look for the right soft-skills as well as industry experience.

Customer communications

With the help of technology you can have a team working for you around the clock, answering calls and communicating with your customers via instant message.

Virtual receptionists or off site call centre workers can be trained to respond to the most frequently asked questions your customers have about listed properties. This frees you and your team up to handle more complicated questions, manage negotiations and chase new leads.

Property Management

Many aspects of running a rent roll can be outsourced to create better efficiency and higher profits.

Hand property inspections, bookkeeping and admin over to a specialist provider who can take care of everyday tasks while still delivering the quality service and attention your customers deserve.

Nowadays it is possible to mix and match with the services you require from your external providers. You can choose tailored packages and pay a monthly rate or be billed by the hour, day or job.

While you can outsource to people from all over the world, the benefits of keeping it local mean your external team will have local knowledge as well as a cultural understanding of your customer base.

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