The success of Rent Roll, Estate Agency & Strata Roll transaction are so varied and so deeply rooted in the right combination of vendor and purchaser, introducing the right people to an opportunity is essential.

At BDH Solutions, we bring over 40 years of industry experience and connections to offer a range of key services for the residential and commercial real estate industry.

Rent Roll, Strata Roll and Agency broking

Whether you are ready to transition out of your real estate business, looking to stabilise cashflow or grow your agency, we offer end to end services to make sure all parties get what they need.

Case Study

Real Estate Business Sales & Acquisitions

A strong network of real estate businesses built over 40 years means we have a range of valuable opportunities available in residential, commercial and strata businesses.

Business Valuations

Sales, acquisitions, and mergers all start in the same place - with the valuation of the business. Ross is a Registered Business Valuer with the Australian Valuers Institute and the Australian Institute of Business Brokers.