BDH Solutions decades long experience in all aspects of agency operation, and its connections with expert legal and financial advice in matters of agency sales, acquisitions and mergers provides you with a unique one-stop service. Your business assets and goodwill are precious to you and to us at BDH Solutions. You talk to us in complete confidence when it comes to selling or expanding your business, planning for retirement, solving management or operational problems.

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Due Diligence

Thorough investigations of new business opportunities, sales and acquisitions of rental and strata rolls demand expertise for which BDH Solutions has gained a much merited reputation for trustworthiness and excellence. Our linkages with financial and legal advice experienced in all aspects of the real estate industry provide a sharp edge to BDH Solutions due diligence projects.

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Negotiation & Buyers Agent

BDH Solutions can act for you as agent, as broker, or as facilitator. Our commercial ‘nous’ developed over many years of experience in these roles, as well as operational expertise is an invaluable ingredient when it comes to selecting someone to act on your behalf..

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Partnership Broking

Partnership broking requires not only business experience but psychological insight and wisdom. BDH Solutions can be of material assistance when it comes to the delicate matter of relinquishing a partner involving not only equity but also personality issues, and searching for new partners to fit the mould and aspirations of your business.