Rent Rolls- Build or Buy?

If you are serious about building long term wealth in a real estate business that will become an asset you can sell in the future then the decision is not whether you need a rent roll but which is the most effective way to increase your properties under management.

Although it is normal to borrow the money to fund the acquisition of a rent roll you get the benefit of immediate cash flow from rental commissions and letting fees. You are also buying the relationship or goodwill that exists with the property owners and this is a great platform to leverage your services to build upon the solid base you have purchased.

When you start a rent roll from scratch it is difficult because of the initial and ongoing expenses, such as employment, marketing and administration costs paid whilst growing the rent roll. It is not uncommon for the Principal to initially grow and manage the rent roll however this does take your focus away from more productive areas of the business.

When buying a rent roll the main concerns purchasers have relates to the retention of owners and properties. You need to make sure that the retention clause in the contract of sale is fair to both parties and if a property drops off during the retention period then you don’t pay for it at the completion date.

A quality rent roll remains a fantastic asset and investment. It will pay for itself in a few years and provides instant cash flow to the business as well as a source of sales and investors looking to purchase another investment property.